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Structural Survey

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Structural Survey

A Full Structural or Building Survey is a detailed report often extending to 25-30 pages. A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property reported in a style to suit the property and your specific requirements. It’s suitable for all properties, especially:

  • Listed buildings
  • Older properties
  • Buildings constructed in an unusual way, however old they are
  • Properties you plan to renovate or alter in any way
  • Properties that have had extensive alterations.

It examines all accessible parts of the property – and you can ask to have specific areas included, so it covers any particular concerns you have about the building. It is a product which can be tailored to your needs, agreed between you and your surveyor.

JRB Chartered Surveyors will always endeavour to provide a high quality service. In every case we will send a full written description of the service offered before carrying out the inspection. 

A Building Survey can include details of:

  • Major and minor defects and what they could mean
  • Results of damp testing on walls
  • Damage to timbers – including woodworm and rot
  • The condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (though drains aren’t tested)
  • Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used
  • The location
  • Recommendations for any further special inspections.

A Building Survey doesn’t include a valuation, but your surveyor can provide this separately if you need one.